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Cold Food Displays

Anvil Aire NDSV3730 Cold Display 3 Tier 900mm

$3,597.00 Ex Tax: $3,270.00

Anvil Aire NDSV3740 Cold Display 3 Tier 1200mm

$3,883.00 Ex Tax: $3,530.00

Anvil Aire NDSV3750 Cold Display 3 Tier 1500mm

$4,345.00 Ex Tax: $3,950.00

Anvil Aire NDSV3760 Cold Display 3 Tier 1800mm

$4,807.00 Ex Tax: $4,370.00

ROBAND Cold Food Bar CRX23RD

$6,930.00 Ex Tax: $6,300.00

ROBAND Cold Food Bar CRX24RD

$7,772.60 Ex Tax: $7,066.00