The Roller Grill Warm It: THE solution to highlight your culinary creations!

The Roller Grill Warm It warms and melts every kind of hazelnut topping, chocolate, honey, to spread your crepes, waffles, cakes, ice creams, iced desserts etc.

Just warm and keep at the right temperature your sauces, cheese spreads with Roller Grill Warm It to make your toppings easy thanks to a squeeze bottle fitted out with a specific teat !

The Warm It is fitted out with 2 black sides and a display for bottle of jam, honey, chocolate etc.

Easy to use: Turn the thermostat on the maxi position for 15 min and then on 60°C to keep your product at the right temperature.

Features: Commutator thermostat for a perfect regulation of the temperature with no overheating or drying. Heating element around the stainless steel container. Removable display. Electronic timer. Pilot light. Delivered with 1 Squeeze bottle fitted out with 3 exits for an easy, a precise and hygienic spread.

Chocolate / Cheese Melter’s